AMAX 4000

64 Hardwired zones / 16 Areas

- 64 User codes

3 x 254 Events log stamped with date and time

Remote arming by telephone or PC

Optional Programming key for easy Panel backup


AMAX panel 4000 is an intrusion system, easy to operate with a minimum of instruction that meets the special needs of residential and small to medium-sized business. It is a complete solution that supports wired  conventional detectors and up to 16 Text and/or LED keypads.AMAX panel 4000 can be expanded to a wireless system (433 MHz) DSRF devices from Bosch.An alarm can be transmitted with an integrated PSTN communicator to phones and Central

                                                          Monitoring Stations.




AMAX panel 4000 is a 64 zone / 16 area intrusion panel with enclosure and transformer. The system

includes a PSTN dialler to transmit an alarm via the common telephone network. An alarm can be

transmitted to a phone and a communication center.The easy programming can be done by the AMAX TEXT,

LCD or LED keypads or via remote programming software ( A-Link Plus).

Basic functions

• Keypad Code STAY / AWAY Arming

• One Button STAY / AWAY Arming

• On Board Dialer with CID / SIA Transmission Format

• 4 Onboard Outputs (two monitored)

• Two Wire Fire Detector on Zone one

• All Zones can be used with four Wire Fire Detectors

• All Zones can be used for Chime Mode (Door Bell)

• All Zones can be used to detect Sensor Tamper(DEOL)

• Test Mode for Outputs and Zones

• Watchdog function

Optional functions

• Wireless devices (433 MHz) with Bosch DSRF

• 8 relay output Expansion module (DX3010)

• 8 zone input Expansion module (DX2010)

• Outdoor sirens and IP cameras can be connected to

an optional 8 relay module (DX3010)

• Programming Key Optional Alarm Transmission

IP communication (BOSCH Network Protocol) via DX4020 module or B426 module

• GPRS communication (Bosch Network Protocol) via DX4020G module

• GSM communication (Contact ID Protocol) via

DX4020G module Optional Remote Programming

• IP (DX4020 / B426 module)

• GPRS (DX4020 G module)

Optional Video Alarm verification

Can be realized in combination with DX3010 8 relay module and IP 200 camera series of Bosch. The live

video verification ensures a location check and false alarm reduction via Internet from every location

worldwide. This means that you or the monitoring center can get alarm notification in order to detect

where exactly the alarm got triggered and if there is a real intruder present.


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